The following information is provided as a guide to attendees attending the event. However, visa requirements are subject to change without notice. Attendees are responsible for verifying the conditions for entry to Iran and ensuring that they comply with the same. The Organizer takes no responsibility for attendees that may be refused a visa to Iran.

Attendees and Visitors are requested to liaise with Iranian diplomatic missions to familiarize yourself with visa formalities. Alternatively, the Organizers will assist all attendees in obtaining visas. Kindly contact us for details.

Nationals of the Following Countries Do Not Require a Visa for Travel to Iran

  • Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela.
  • List of non-eligible nationalities for airport visa: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, UK & USA.
  • You must obtain an authorisation code, details about how to get the code will be given upon confirmation of registration, once you have this you can apply for your visa at your nearest embassy.

Entry Visa (Single, Double Entry)

An ‘entry’ visa is effectively a ‘business’ visa. It is required by foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran for economic, commercial, cultural or industrial purposes. It is also required by those attending economic or cultural conferences or those participating in sporting events. The authorised duration of stay is usually up to 30 days.

Additional Information

Women must wear a headscarf in their visa application photos.

Attendees should have a valid passport with minimum 6 months’ validity and a confirmed return ticket.

Please note that any delegates whose passport shows evidence of travel to/from Israel may be refused entry.


It is mandatory for foreign visitors to Iran to have travel insurance. You may be asked to show a copy of your policy, including proof that it is valid in Iran. To avoid any doubt or debate, most attendees will probably find it easier to simply purchase the Iranian travel insurance policy from the desk in the immigration hall. The premium for a stay of up to 30 days is approximately EUR14 / USD20. The insurance must be purchased (with payment by cash) prior to proceeding to the visa or immigration counter.